SystemLab develops open-source computational engineering tools for the design, layout, simulation, and analysis of multi-domain systems.

We provide turn-key design and consulting services, from the development of customized numerical models for components and sub-systems, to test and validation tools & algorithms for systems performance analysis


Our vision

We are experts in creating tools to simulate systems.

Technological advances are now emerging from many different domains and sciences (digital/information, biological, material sciences, etc.), and as these become more interdependent, will likely lead to the advent of “super-technologies” [1]. The design of systems, as a result, will become even more complex and require access to a wide range of domain expertise to best understand which combination of technologies will help your team to implement a successful new idea or service.  

Our vision is to encapsulate this world of domain expertise within a virtual systems simulation lab. Using our highly flexible, open-source platform for systems design & simulation (SystemLab|Design) we can help you to build any type of system to explore design concepts, propose ideas, explore opportunities…

 [1] Segars, Albert. (2018). Seven Technologies That Are Remaking the World. MIT Sloan Management Review. Link to article

The systems design flow process.

Computational engineering and design automation have become an essential part of the systems design and validation process, especially as conventional methods for building and testing prototypes have become more expensive and time-consuming. The virtual prototyping process (boxes in blue) starts with an abstracted functional system model; building from there into a detailed, physically-representative, candidate system design.

SystemLab|Design‘s transparent and flexible multi-domain simulation and modeling framework is the perfect design automation choice for the “system modeling” stage. Rapidly configure & simulate conceptual prototypes, seamlessly add new models, introduce new signal domains, add or re-design your nodal interconnections, validate and enhance existing models as your project moves forward, …



Generic early stage design flow process for a systems integrator/manufacturer or research and development organization. The boxes in blue represent the stages where design and automation software can be used to accelerate and/or provide “virtual” insight into the best technologies and design strategies to meet the identified operational or functional requirements.

Things you can design with SystemLab-Design

Examples coming soon!